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Podcast: Ashley’s Game

December 5, 2013



Ep. 1 – Ashley’s Game. Enjoy me and and the wonderfully talented and beautiful Ashley “lil Fox” Hoye dissect the philosophical intricacies and implications of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi staple Ender’s Game in the inaugural episode of Film with a Fox…and a Penguin. I’m not saying this is a definite, but we very well may be drunk. Subscribe

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Quick Reviews: The World’s Jasmine

September 6, 2013


Worlds end

The World’s End The Cornetto movies aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, those people tend to be the mildew growing on the underside of the old padded folding chair that’s been hanging out in your grandmother’s basement since your Uncle Michael’s second marriage in 1978, which, of course, he held in the backyard. Those people are the […]

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Quick Reviews: We’re The Butler Elysium

September 5, 2013


The Butler

We’re the Millers It’s hard to describe how much I disliked this movie. To be fair, the flick had a handful of chuckle-worthy moments. But, ultimately, We’re the Millers was one of the worst films I’ve seen all summer; and one of the worst comedies I’ve seen in my life. Seriously, a drug dealer who corals a group […]

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New Trailer: C.O.G.

August 16, 2013



  Huge fan of David Sedaris, love everything I’ve ever read of his, so I have to assume this film adaptation is going to more than satisfy me. But speaking directly to the trailer, it looks smart and heart-warming and it even has that girl from Pretty Little Liars who I actually quite enjoy. I will […]

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New Trailer: Captain Phillips

August 8, 2013


Capt Phil

  I love Tom Hanks, but lately he’s been making a lot of less-that-stellar films; although, I did love Cloud Atlas. Captain Phillips looks like the film that’s going to put Tom Hanks back on top. Back to the days when he was winning back-to-back Oscars!! WOOO!!! GO HANKS!!! TEAM HANKS!!!!!!!    

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